We all need a few refreshing, out-of-the-box ideas to use with our kids every now and then.  I love trying out different sensory, teaching, and simply fun activities with Noah!


Learn and Love the Lord

I have a passion and desire to teach my child about God.  I want Noah to know God in His amazing holiness, extravagant love, and creative genius.  Therefore, I think it is important to teach him about the Lord in such fabulous, exciting ways.

Creation Boxes – teach kids about the first six days of creation!

2012 November-32

Imagine and Discover

Below you’ll find some more engaging ideas for all realms of imagination!  Because really, it’s all about discovering how indescribable God created everything!

Bathtub Painting Session – with washable paint

Faux Indoor Sandbox – for snowy and rainy days

Homemade Shakers

Mommy Help

The Invitation… If you are a first-time mom I would definitely start here

Activity Log – A document I created to keep track of great ideas, items required, and instructions


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