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When I last wrote we were in the midst of some great transition.  We had placed our home on the market.  Chris was no longer planting a church.  We were simplifying.  I was about 27 weeks pregnant…  There was much more, but you get the jist.

We were absolutely lost and confused, unsure where we were or what trailhead we ought to take.  We were praying daily, laughing, crying (well, I was crying…), sending out resumes, trusting God to pay bills, wondering where we would end up.

Well, that was then and this is now.  And two months ago I never thought I would be here.  For that matter, I wouldn’t have believed you if you had told me three weeks ago that we would be here.

2013 September-14

“Here” is testimony to the grace and providence of God in our family and lives.

It is a home that sold in 32 days.  It is a Senior Pastor position in Cedarville, Illinois.  It is a unanimous church vote to affirm Chris’ position.  It is a parsonage that was provided for us to call home.  It is a midwife and hospital that accept our insurance.  It is a body of believers who have loved on our family in ways we never imagined.  It is deep sadness as we have left our beautiful, amazing family and the dearest friends we possess.  It is the answer to prayer for a job by October (be careful how you pray – God is faithful!).  It is, to-date, the absolute craziest two weeks of my life.


Today I am in Cedarville, in our new home.  Chris is traveling back to Spokane to load our belongings in a moving truck tomorrow and driving straight back out.  Noah will fly into Chicago with my mom this Friday, when we will have a sweet reunion.  I have a week of hugs and kisses stored up for him!

These are exciting, overwhelming, wonderful, exhausting times.  Once again, we are immensely grateful for the providence and grace of our awesome Savior.

I look forward to posting pictures and updates from our new life in the coming weeks.  Thank you to everyone who has covered our family with prayers.  We love you all!