Our Little “Miss”


Monday we found out.  We were delighted to have the beautiful revelation that come this November we will welcome a little girl into our home.  A “miss.”  A bundle of bows, buttons, ribbons, and pink.

We weren’t even scheduled for an ultrasound yet, but I had decided that I wanted to check and see if maybe, perhaps, they had something available.  I was doubtful since we were a three p.m. appointment and I’m sure any ultrasound tech would be chomping to get out the door on a gorgeous, June, Monday afternoon if they could.

Our nurse walked Chris and myself back to our “usual” room and asked about the ultrasound.  Chris quickly piped up that we would love to squeeze into their schedule.  Bev, the fabulous nurse she is, sat us down and went away to see if she could get us a last-minute appointment.  She came back and let us know that unfortunately there were absolutely no openings.  They were packed.  In my mind I was disappointed, but I also happened to have worked in a dental office and know how quickly a schedule can change with fickle patients.  To our delight, not even five minutes later Bev came right back in and let us know that a no-show appointment was available that moment!

We walked into the ultrasound room, sat in our respective chairs (or laid…) and took a peak at the miracle growing in my belly.  Chris and I each held our breath as the tech took a look to see what she could see.  And there she was.  She.  Only one letter off, however completely and totally different than he.
 2013 June-182

I glanced over to see Chris’ reaction and I do not lie… he was shocked.  Like shell-shocked.  I think he may have said, “Wow.”  This man who hoped for a rowdy house full of boys is getting a sweet little daughter.  After the appointment we went to the store to pick out our sweetie’s first outfit.  Initially we got a couple pairs of sandals and a baseball hat for Noah and then went to search for the most adorable little girl outfit we could find.  And Chris stopped.  Right at the line between the boy’s and girl’s section he froze, like he wasn’t sure about crossing the line and entering this new frilly time of our life.  With a little laughter and teasing he came over, and suddenly he was pointing out pink pajamas and floral dresses.

That night it settled in Chris’ heart.  Let me tell you, it is darling to see how excited he is getting over our girl.  He’s bursting.  I’m sure he’ll be wrapped around her tiniest pinky by day two!  I think he already is.

Noah has quickly picked up the word “sister” and even went into our shopping bag, pulled out a piece of clothing and declared, “Dress!”  We didn’t even know he knew that word (he amazes me).  I can’t wait to officially introduce him to her and watch them grow into a new friendship.  My heart overflows just thinking about it.

2013 June-1792013 June-181

Our little girl will be named Alina Melody Pope.  We love the name Alina and it’s meaning is much of what we desire for our daughter: Noble, kind, beautiful, bright.  Melody, of course, is after my beautiful, amazing mother.  Her character is all I hope and pray that my daughter will become (what I hope to become!).  I would love our Alina to follow in the faith legacy that my mother has given to our family.  It is an honor to name her after such a simply fabulous woman.  This is only one way that I have the privilege to rise and call my mom blessed.  I cannot wait to hold my dear, sweet Alina Melody and introduce her to her namesake!

It amazes me constantly to reflect on where we are and the road the Lord has led us on to be “here.”  To think that by the grace of God a love and friendship with my husband has allowed us to experience so much fullness in our life and family.  We have an adorable, silly, sweet son who daily fills our home with endless energy and joy.  A daughter we wait to meet, excitedly anticipating her arrival in our family.  A baby we will only meet heaven-side, who has deepened our love and dedication to the Lord, our family, and each other in ways no words can possibly express.  We have each other, to laugh with, embrace, bury tears in shoulders, and grow further as one together.  We have the Lord, in all His omniscience, grace and mercy, Who pursues us, directs us and abides as the glue of our family.

We are full of contentment.  We are more than blessed.  We are consumed with the goodness of a God Who deeply satisfies.


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  1. Dear Sweet Nicole,
    You have blessed me beyond words by naming little Alina Melody after me. Your life has always been and will always be a blessing to me and Daddy. We are so excited for you, Chris and Noah to welcome sweet Alina into your dear family…and we cannot wait to meet and hold her!

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